Why We Love Appliance Technicians

There’s no telling what St. Francis would say about our modern appliances today. But we wouldn’t be surprised if St. Francis of Assisi, if he was born today, became an appliance technician. In a lot of ways our careers respect the teachings of that said wonderful Saint, for we are itinerant like Franciscan friars, reaching people’s home to spread good services, and we believe in God. We work hard to bring comfort to people’s home via fixing their broken appliances. Some homes we visit are richer than others, and we never arrive like missionaries to preach the Good Word, but we do notice sin when we see it. An appliance repair man has the opportunity to visit many homes and see how different families live. That’s why we love this job. We get to see God’s creations up close in their private spaces, and this allows us to use our reason to learn more about Him.