Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future

Christians often read the Bible and then look around at the world and think the end times are near. I don’t want to say whether that’s true or not, but I do want to say that either way it’s important to have hope for the future. Here’s why.

The answer: This is very similar to why we should have trust. We should have hope for the future because no matter what happens we must have faith that we’re heading in the right direction. Of course, if you know your life isn’t going the right way because it’s your own fault, then still, indeed, by having hope for the future you can muster the courage needed from inside to mark your wrongs and start heading in the right way. Without hope for the future, it’s very hard to set and accomplish long-term goals.

Even if we only have 15 years left on Earth, for example, we should continue to live everyday as if we expect the Earth to rotate around the sun for millions of more years.

This is my message for you today. Enjoy your time here while we can and have hope!

Virus Crisis Hoarding Temptations Cured by Saint Francis of Assisi

Virus Crisis Hoarding Temptations Cured by Saint Francis of Assisi

I will not speak the name of the virus that is causing so much trouble around the world this month of March, 2020. Speaking it’s name gives it power. That’s the power of names, and the name Francis of Assisi has a lot of power for me. Before I make this a religious squabble, realize that I am speaking metaphorically. But I do believe hoarding is a temptation that is unnecessary. Say that even if all grocery stores shut down at once in your city, your hoard, however great it is, isn’t going to last forever! For me, Saint Francis is the patron saint of moderation and he is the perfect saint to pray to if you have temptations to hoard. If you don’t have temptations, then the best you can do is share this message with people you know who do. And for all of us I say this because CNN has articles about people hoarding toilet paper.

I bore witness to the hoarding that’s going on around the world when I went to my local grocery store yesterday. We were limited to only being aloud to buy one bag of toilet paper. All the chicken and pasta was out of stock, so was all the bread! I bet people are stuffing the bread in their freezers, planning to eat it all at once if electricity goes out. It was kind of comedic for me because I was only buying what I needed for the day, knowing the Lord would watch over me if I was in want of food.

patron saint of moderation

But that’s just the crust of my message. My real message is that praying to Saint Francis, I testify, works as a cure for temptations to hoard. I know this because it happened to me. Let me explain my story.

You may not know this but I’ve been in Calgary for a week helping out a friend who owns a business here. While I’m here, I take on a few jobs that my friend’s technician is too busy to do because I might as well if I have the time. So yesterday I was at a client’s house fixing a fridge. I was talking to the client while working. We were talking about how I was going to help my friend’s Calgary appliance repair business by connecting him with an accountant I knew well in the city. It turned out the accountant didn’t have the time for a new client so together we work every night getting files sorted ourselves. “Soon he won’t need my help anymore and I’ll go home,” is what I said to the client. Then, of course, we started talking about that virus whose name I will not mention.

The conversation didn’t go on for much longer before I realized she was hoarding and I began to talk about Saint Francis. She listened to me well, but kindly said she was an atheist with no offence given. But with that said she did like my message behind why hoarding isn’t necessary during this time of crisis. She realized that her hoard was for ever cursed of being limited, and that instead of worrying and hoarding she should be enjoying her life and being grateful for the beauty of nature, as Saint Francis was.

The client may not have prayed, but my message was a cure for her nonetheless. She agreed to stop hoarding, knowing that her children had already been greatly worried by her behavior. For me, I did pray and my temptations were cured too. I’m grateful to have the wisdom I need to stay calm during a crisis, and for me Saint Francis has a lot to do with that. If you don’t know why I think Saint Francis is the patron saint of moderation then read the post I wrote last Wednesday. Therein, I explain why briefly, but I’ll explain further in the future.

From the words above I hope the message is clear of why hoarding isn’t necessary during this pandemic. If you are suffering from temptations to hoard, please pray to Saint Francis. For many it might seem silly and I’m smart enough to understand why others might even laugh while they do it, but there’s a kind mercy out there in the universe and I bet that by the act of doing this you will also acknowledge the fact that you have a problem, and that’s the first step to stopping. See through the illusion. All that you need will be supplied to you. There’s no need to worry. If you have faith your foot will not catch and slip. Know that you live in a world of abundant nature, and hoarding is unnecessary!

What if St Francis was an Appliance Repair Technician Today?

What if St Francis was an Appliance Repair Technician Today?

As believers of the faith, “what if” questions can be dangerous. But we think this one is a good one to ask because it strengthens our faith: “What if Saint Francis of Assisi was alive today and worked as an appliance repair technician?”

As imitators of Christ, saints are who they are because they’re known for their righteous deeds and performance of miracles. Many traveled around the Mediterranean world in Late Antiquity expelling demons from the possessed and preaching the Word. Saint Francis, however, is a medieval saint from Italy and wasn’t known to perform that many miracles but rather performed poetry and traveled as an itinerary friar. He made great leaps and bounds in converting people to Christianity as he traveled but more importantly he converted sinful Christians to live a more moderate lifestyle, and many rich and powerful merchants took upon the cord around their waist after being inspired by Francis’ special way of life. Because of his preaching of moderation, he really was the ultimate imitator of Christ, content with little and relying on the benefaction of those he visited for shelter and food.

So if an appliance technician today lived like Saint Francis we might expect him to, rather than repair lavish, modern appliances, preach of how one should be content without such luxuries. “One should, in order to store your treasures in heaven, avoid earthly materials and be content with washing your dishes and drying your clothes by hand,” is what he might say.

This is supposed to sound rhetorical because we believe it’s the truth, and as automotive experts who delve in appliance repair we understand how we could be doing things differently to change the world. But, unlike Christ, appliance technicians can’t be expected to rely on their customers for shelter and food as we travel around fixing appliances with miracles.

We stick to our answer to this question despite our ongoing sins and praise St. Francis for his gift to us in helping us see the errors in our ways. Whenever we can, we strive to include his teachings in our services, being humble and content with providing our appliance repair and mechanic services for as little cost as possible.

Thank you for reading!

From Benedict, Maryland with Love!

From Benedict, Maryland with Love!

We wish St. Francis is with you in your prayers. As an appliance mechanic who does his work with peace in mind, I pray to the Saint of Moderation daily. From Benedict, Maryland to all parts of North America, lectures on the wisdom of St. Francis have been my duty, as I’ve studied his story. In medieval Europe he changed the face of Christianity. Now I change the face of appliance repair services, often wearing a cord around my waste.

If you’re having a hard time, just remember we love you and believe in you. The Catholic Church is here for people who are struggling. Despite all the sin in the world the Church that St. Francis helped to shape is still existent and that itself is a miracle.

With all the love in my heart, I wish you a great day! If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to reach out to us!