Just Trust

trust in god

I’ve been getting a lot of questions like “how will I get through this?” and “why is this happening to me?” and my answer is always the same. Before I get to that answer, let me talk about what trust really means to a Catholic.

Trust isn’t a financial term or a something you put faith in. Trust is when you don’t need faith because you just know. When I put trust into something, knowing all will work out for the betterment of the best thing possible, I simply know all will be fine because I know God knows what’s best even if I can’t understand it.

Now, to answer those questions above, it’s always the same. Just trust in God. Everything that might seem bad often becomes the best thing that ever happened to you in hindsight. So, just remember, when you’re uncertain what’s going to happen next, uncertain whether everything will be okay, just put trust in God, stay calm and I promise you all will be fine.

My answer will never change.