On Staying Calm

Today’s blog post is all about why staying calm is important and what you can do to stay calm. Certainly, we believe calmness is a saintly virtue. What do we mean by “saintly virtue”? We mean that calmness is a virtue that the medieval saints would hold dear. It’s a virtue many sinners lack and one that can bless your life.

In today’s frustrations of day to day life, staying calm can keep one ready for the unexpected in unexpected ways. For instance, if you were calm during a terrorist attack, you have an advantage over the terrorists and can reason your way to safety without panicking. Panic in emotionally stressed situations is like an instinct, put can be overpowered with awareness.

How can you stay calm? Of course, praying to God and to god through Christ or Saint Francis is one cure that we recommend, but there’s another one you might not expect from us. Meditation is part of many Eastern traditions, but I’ve been experimenting with it for years now and find that it works in a Western Christian context quite well. The Bible describes prayer as if it were a form of meditation and so I find it helpful to think of it that way. If you’re not calm, try praying in a way that calms you via by meditating. There are many good guides online on how to meditate successfully and that’s one thing to try.

I hope it works for you. Remember, as God’s children it is important for us to remain calm at all times for the sake of those who can’t. And I know you have the power to do so!

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