Shine Like a Freshly Washed and Detailed Car

Shine Like a Freshly Washed and Detailed Car

Clean a car once, and it’ll be clean for a while. Keep a car clean and it will always shine.

Today I want to relay something I learned after having a long and interesting discussion with a fellow brother in Christ. This discussion is something I wish I had had when I was younger. It might be the very thing you need to hear today to maintain your faith and keep your chin up during these hard times.

Even if we knew for certain that the world was going to end tomorrow, we should still be strong and clean of sins and vices today. I was talking with one of the best car wash experts in Canada who is a fellow Christian and he helped me make a lovely metaphor for understanding why it’s important to shine brightly in the world and how to do it. Now let me relay what I heard to you, put it in the best words I can.

What I Learned About Shining Brightly from Auto Detailing Halifax

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To clean an old car and make it look new again isn’t easy. A quick car wash every once in a while, on the other hand, is very easy. That’s why a quick car wash isn’t sufficient. Just like how a man must be baptized to be clean of his sins, a car must be detailed professionally by a car wash expert. This is a great metaphor for understating the the saintly virtue of shining brightly. When we rebuilt our blog in January, we told you to stay tuned for posts about car cleaning. Now, we’re hear in a why I didn’t even expect, and we’re excited to be because understanding what we’re saying here today is a key many people might need to become the shining light in this dark world that they’re meant to be.

To begin helping you understand, let us make 5 easy comparisons between car cleaning and shining brightly for the Lord.

  1. An old car freshly washed is like an old sinner freshly baptized.
  2. A car that just had professional engine detailing runs better, just like a man who just went to church behaves better.
  3. A car that has just been detailed shines brighter in the world, just like how a man with faith in Christ shines brighter in the face of tribulation.
  4. An automobile that has just had interior auto detailing service is nicer to be in, just like how a man who has just spent time reading the Bible is nicer to be around.
  5. When we want to be cleaned and shine brightly, we must ask the Lord for guidance and help. And when we want our vehicle to be cleaned sufficiently, we must ask a local professional auto detailing company for service.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this makes such a good metaphor. Christ’s flock often work humble jobs. When talking to a fellow brother who cleans cars for a living, I had this revelation. I listened to him as he described how he used a steam cleaner for interior car detailing and I thought of how monks use a censor for the inside of a tabernacle. When he talked about headlight restoration I thought of Moses shining brightly on the top of the mountain. Most minds don’t work this way, thinking in terms of metaphors and symbolism, but the Bible is full of it. The hundreds of short stories embedded in the Bible are all full of symbols and metaphors to help us better understand how to live a virtuous life in the eyes of the Lord.

Just like how Saint Francis was able to look at wild animals and learn lessons about life in general, for some reason I was able to look at the car wash industry and see metaphors for shining brightly and what that means for a human on Earth. Indeed, just like how a saint makes men shine brighter throughout the world with his sermons, a company like Auto Detailing Halifax makes cars shine brighter throughout the world with its services. So then what should we do if we want to shine more brightly with the saintly virtues? If we look at it in the terms I’ve been describing here and use the car wash metaphor to understand shining brightly, we can look at what a car cleaner does to a car to make it shine and compare it to what we have to do to make ourselves shine brighter.

There’s a lot more to discuss in this vein, but I’ll leave it here for now. Think about this for a little while, and stay tuned for my next post will expound even further.

God bless.