Remembering Larry | Kingston ON’s Most Compassionate Appliance Technician

Remembering Larry | Kingston ON’s Most Compassionate Appliance  Technician

Our dear friend Larry hasn’t been with us for several years now. He passed away in December of 2017, after several decades of serving the community of Kingston Ontario with appliance repair services. I’ve found myself thinking about him more often as time goes by, mainly because he taught me so much of what I know about fixing appliances. More importantly, he taught me a saintly virtue which I will get to in a moment here. Before I plan a trip to visit his tombstone with some dear friends who also knew him, I wanted to make this memorial post in his honor.

Larry was a good man and I know he’s in Heaven now. But, I miss him. More than ever I wish he was still here, because I feel there is still some things he could teach me at this point in my life. I always looked up to Larry. Not only was his skill as an appliance repairman out of this world, but his character and personality was a great example of what a good Catholic should be. Today, in remembering this great man, I want to cover one of the saintly virtues he had that I still struggle with. Whenever I think of this virtue, I think of Larry.

What was Larry’s best virtue? The answer: compassion.

I like to think of myself as virtuous, but remembering Larry always reminds me there’s always more room for compassion in the world. With all the political divides and religious opinions that fracture the world apart, I find it hard to feel compassion towards certain people sometimes. I won’t say who, but there’s certain groups of people I strongly disagree with when it comes to politics and they drive me crazy sometimes. When I get too worked up, remembering Larry always helps.

Larry’s compassion was unbelievably sound. He cared for everyone no matter if they were liberal or conservative. He loved all people, the way Saint Francis did. He was a true example of a holy man, and in my mind he is a saint. I remember when the appliance repair company he worked for went out of business, and he had to find work elsewhere. The company’s owners screwed him out of a pension and most people would’ve exploded from rage but not Larry. He stayed cool and knew it was part of God’s plan. Not only that, he showed his old boss compassion and continued to be kind to him whenever he got the chance. That blew me away to see.

Then, much later in life, Larry began work with a newer company at soon before cancer crept up on him. Even while working with a team of youngsters and dealing with cancer, Larry kept a warm heart and showed the world compassion. I’ll never forget the peace in his eyes when I visited him on his deathbed. He was only working for this new company for a few months before the doctors said he didn’t have much time left. I spent his last day sitting by his side, as did most of his friends and family.

Larry was dearly loved and still is. In fact, I think it’s not wrong to say he’s even more loved now than he was when he was alive, because there’s something about looking back in time that allows you to be grateful for all the little things you took for granted.

So RIP, Larry. You’re legacy lives on in all our hearts!

Thanks for reading this memorial post. If for any reason you wish to contact us, feel free to do so.

God bless!