The Power of Coming of Age Fantasy Books for Children

The Power of Coming of Age Fantasy Books for Children

Here, unlike among other people, we don’t consider the Bible or the Vita of Saint Francis to be fantasy books. When we read about the adventures of Jesus or the deeds of Saint Francis we take in these stories as truth. But, then again, we also believe in the importance of fantasy among children, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

To begin, let’s share 5 simple things a good coming of age fantasy novel can do for a child who reads it:

5 Benefits of Reading Coming of Age Fantasy Books for Children

a child reading a coming of age fantasy novel
  1. A child, by reading any book let alone fantasy, can expand their vocabulary.
  2. A child, by reading coming of age fantasy novels specifically, can learn more about the struggles of growing up and becoming an adult.
  3. A child, by reading about good versus evil in fantasy books, can see why it’s important to be on the “good side.”
  4. A child, when they pick up a book of any kind and get involved in the story, is building the habit of reading which many adults lack and which can benefit them for the rest of their lives if they continue to read when they’re older, even if it’s epic fantasy books.
  5. Last but not least, if a child finds a coming of age fantasy author they adore, like many fans do for J.K. Rowling and other authors who write books similar to Harry Potter, and the work of this author inspired them enough, then readers might turn into writers and people who learn how to write at an early age can benefit all of society.

These are five simple benefits of children reading fantasy, but why have we decided to talk about this today? We have a case study, as a dear friend of ours has a son, Thomas, who has fallen in love with coming of age fantasy books and audio books written by Sever Bronny, and we’ve seen how this has had a great, positive impact on this child’s life.

We call him a child, but Thomas is 15-years-old now. When he was 14-years-old, we’d never catch him reading a book let alone developing his own education voluntarily. Thomas has always struggled with reading in school, mostly because he just never liked reading. But now that he loves reading thanks to his favorite completed fantasy series, Thomas has been using bigger words in his speaking, has been more creative in general and is now reading on average more words per day than his parents! We have no doubt that because Thomas has discovered a love for reading at such an early age thanks to the kind of books similar to Harry Potter that he enjoys, he will grow up to become a lot more intelligent and eloquent than he would have otherwise.

Even though most fantasy books reveal dark aspects of human nature that are not always best for children to explore, we support children reading them because the Bible also reveals these dark truths and we believe it’s beneficial for children to learn about the struggle between good and evil as early in life as possible. After all, even our happiest fairy tales for toddlers reveal the truths of good against evil and this is supposed to help the development of their intellectual growth. So we praise Thomas for reading coming of age fantasy books and are now asking any parents who read this to consider picking up a good book for their children.

Lately there has been nothing more pleasing then seeing the excited look on Thomas’ face when he has a new coming of age fantasy book in his hand. He’s already read more books than I had by the time I was 20-years-old and I’m very proud of him. So thank you for reading this and I’m glad we got to share the power of reading these books for everyone!

From Benedict, Maryland we wish you a wonderful day!