What if St Francis was an Appliance Repair Technician Today?

saint francis

As believers of the faith, “what if” questions can be dangerous. But we think this one is a good one to ask because it strengthens our faith: “What if Saint Francis of Assisi was alive today and worked as an appliance repair technician?”

As imitators of Christ, saints are who they are because they’re known for their righteous deeds and performance of miracles. Many traveled around the Mediterranean world in Late Antiquity expelling demons from the possessed and preaching the Word. Saint Francis, however, is a medieval saint from Italy and wasn’t known to perform that many miracles but rather performed poetry and traveled as an itinerary friar. He made great leaps and bounds in converting people to Christianity as he traveled but more importantly he converted sinful Christians to live a more moderate lifestyle, and many rich and powerful merchants took upon the cord around their waist after being inspired by Francis’ special way of life. Because of his preaching of moderation, he really was the ultimate imitator of Christ, content with little and relying on the benefaction of those he visited for shelter and food.

So if an appliance technician today lived like Saint Francis we might expect him to, rather than repair lavish, modern appliances, preach of how one should be content without such luxuries. “One should, in order to store your treasures in heaven, avoid earthly materials and be content with washing your dishes and drying your clothes by hand,” is what he might say.

This is supposed to sound rhetorical because we believe it’s the truth, and as automotive experts who delve in appliance repair we understand how we could be doing things differently to change the world. But, unlike Christ, appliance technicians can’t be expected to rely on their customers for shelter and food as we travel around fixing appliances with miracles.

We stick to our answer to this question despite our ongoing sins and praise St. Francis for his gift to us in helping us see the errors in our ways. Whenever we can, we strive to include his teachings in our services, being humble and content with providing our appliance repair and mechanic services for as little cost as possible.

Thank you for reading!